Six uplifting resources to check out while social distancing

Having to spend much more time at home than I usually do (how are you all doing with social distancing?), I’ve had to get more creative with work and spending the rest of my time in a useful way. Admittedly it can be very hard to do. But by establishing simple, healthy goals you can continue being super productive and who knows, you could discover your next big project or learn that new skill you’ve been wanting to learn for so long. There’s so much potential! But more on that later. For now, I’ve put a list together of some my go to blogs and videos/channels that have been super uplifting and encouraging, that you can discover while spending time at home. Honestly, these resources have had a huge influence on me in so many ways! Let me know which ones were your favourite and share in the comments below. What are some of your favourite go to sources?

Live Original

The Live Original Website and blog is one of my go to places! It is so full of good advice; encouragement and it is honestly one of the most uplifting platforms. Seriously, it is amazing! If you want to go a step further and truly immerse yourself in this family and community, you can join the LO fam and try it out for 7 days free! I have truly been blessed by being a part of it. You can go to the website here 

Lineage Journey

Lineage Journey is a recent resource I discovered, and I love it! It takes you through Christian history in a really captivating and interesting way by taking you to the actual places where stuff happened! 

Miguel Mendoza

This channel offers short, devotional and encouraging videos from a good friend of mine. There’s always something that you can take and apply in your life. Super uplifting!

The Bible Project

I can’t tell you how great the bible project has been! I use it with my junior class at church and they love it. I also like to use it to illustrate certain passages or just combine it with my bible study and get that better understanding.

Pick up limes

This is a really cute resource which I love because of the simplicity and calm vibe of the videos. A lot of great recipe ideas and lifestyle tips too! 

Maddie Lymburner

Maddie is such an awesome fitness buddy! She posts real time home workouts and lots of health tips too! One of my favourite Youtubers for sure.

So there you go! Six resources that you can discover or revisit. Let me know which ones were your favourite and share with me your favourite resources. Stay safe and wash yo’ hands! 

Featured image: Photo by Cristian Dina


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