Is your house on fire?

I think many of you can probably relate to what I’m about to share. When life gets busier and more rushed, I tend to cull things from my life in order to make more time for those things that are scrambling for attention. The problem is that many of those things tend to be the good kind of things that are not urgent…. but soooo important! One of those things that I cull include meaningful catch ups with friends, exercise, getting enough sleep (can you relate? lol) and bible/prayer time. I wish the last part was not true but it is. I’ve wondered so many times how the best things that I should be doing end up being pushed over to accomodate something that ‘needs’ to get done because it is so ‘important’. I add the inverted comas because, normally the things that stress me out or are clamouring for my attention happen to be demands that come from outside sources like work, school, uni etc. 

Now, the normal thought process to me sometimes goes like this, metaphorically speaking…

 “If I don’t turn off the fires that keep popping up, then the whole house will burn down.”

And so, I continue to take my little bucket and run back and forth between the faucet and the house. This soon gets exhausting and I become more and more tired and I wonder if the house will burn down anyway.

But then, (and it’s a miracle how this one thought pushes through the rest) another thought manages to softly come through, “Ask for help”.

What? “But I need to save the house, if I stop, it will burn down!”

Again comes the gentle thought, “Ask for help”.

What a simple, yet often counterintuitive idea! I have a million things to do and the one most important thing to do, the thing that will bring comfort, strength and back up is to ask for help.

That is one of the ways that I have begun to slowly see prayer and bible study, especially in the middle of the crazy, busy schedule, or the difficult, internal battle that happens to be in every ones lives at one point or another.

I am so quick to ‘help’ myself that I miss the bigger help I can get from my Heavenly Father. He calms fears of failure, and refreshes my heart and mind when I feel overwhelmed and overworked. It doesn’t happen straight away sometimes. I usually have to stop and think carefully as to where, and why I am headed the way I am. And then, God asks me to confide in Him. He asks me to give him my plans and if I am willing, he will either give me a completely, new, upgraded plan. Or, He will tweak mine so that it is better or so that I learn something from it. Either way, I am trying to learn, I am trying to have courage despite my doubts, I am trying to speak faith when I am struggling and lean on God each day a little more. I want to be able to immediately trust that when I do the things that are ‘most’ important, they will carry me through the urgency and out of the spin.

Proverbs 3:5, 6 (ESV)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.


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